“Jewels in Afternoon Light #1″ by Catherine Opie

Photographer Catherine Opie’s book, 700 Nimes Road, a collection of photograph’s of Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary collection of jewelry, couture and other memorabilia now has a release date. The book will be published by Prestel Publishing, part of Random House Publishing Group, on September 1, 2015.

Opie “a contemporary documentary photographer particularly known for her focus on ideological issues as well as formal photographic processes and techniques” whose work hangs in New York’s Guggenheim and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, began photographing Elizabeth’stheir natural habitat in January 2011, three months before Elizabeth’s death. The book’s title is an homage to the stately Bel-Air address where Elizabeth lived from 1981 until her death in 2011.

“I started thinking about that extension of a portrait — how a person’s home is a portrait of them,” Opie said in 2014. “It is a real extension of someone. Sometimes a home and how someone actually lives can reveal much more about a person than having them sit for a single portrait.”

The photographing continued up until the pieces were removed from the home to be sent on a world tour ahead of Christie’s landmark auction of The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor in December 2011.

Elizabeth’s couture hanging in the closet.

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