Tomorrow is the first of two auctions consisting of Debbie Reynolds’ collection of classic Hollywood costumes and memorabilia.

Elizabeth’s costumes feature heavily in the auction. My friend Paul Murray was fortunate enough to attend a preview at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills and sent me these photographs to share with you all.

Thanks, Paul!

Two of Elizabeth's headdresses from "Cleopatra"

Elizabeth's sedan from "Cleopatra"

Gowns from "Raintree County"

Elizabeth's famous riding costume from "National Velvet"

The costume Elizabeth won the Grand National in in "National Velvet"

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3 Responses to Debbie Reynolds Auction Tomorrow

  1. vivian says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us! :D
    It would interest me how heavy the Cleopatra headdresses are.. The golden one looks like made of metal. The costumes and memorabilia are in a very good state, like it was yesterday they were last used and not like 60 years ago..
    I guess I have to watch Cleopatra again. I absolutely can’t remember in what scene the sedan was used…


  2. Paul Murray says:

    Glad you like the Photos Andy. I do wish the lighting was better, but it was still cool seeing all of Debbie’s things. Funny, in Cleopatra everything looked so grand and gold…not so much in person! Enjoy these shot!

    • Administrator says:

      Hey Paul! Perhaps the gold deteriorates quickly? Who knows how these things were stored before Debbie acquired them in the 70s…

      I’m watching the auction stream live online…it’s very exciting! The OZ items went through the roof! Elizabeth’s riding habit from National Velvet FAR exceeded its estimate!

      Thanks again, Paul! :)

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