Elizabeth and granddaughter Naomi Wilding in 2003. Naomi will accept a posthumous award for Elizabeth this evening.

Tonight Elizabeth will be posthumously honoured at the with Women In Film’s 2011 Crystal + Lucy Awards’ Norma Zarky Award, presented by jeweler Pandora, for her pioneering work with HIV/AIDS.

Mikkel Berg, Executive Director of Marketing at Pandora, said in a statement, “We believe all women of the world are unique and precious. They live different lives in different cultures, and yet they are all fabulous in their own, individual ways. At Pandora we celebrate all these personalities and their unforgettable moments. All stories are worth sharing and honoring, and so is the story of the humanitarian work done by the late Elizabeth Taylor, which we are thrilled to be able to give tribute to, together with WIF.”

Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Naomi Wilding, will be on hand to accept the award.

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5 Responses to Elizabeth To Be Honoured Tonight By Women In Film

  1. vivian says:

    This is sooooo great, she honoured there and that Naomi Wilding will accept the award. You can really see that E. and Naomi are related. Will it be shown on TV?


  2. Administrator says:

    Hi Vivii! No, it won’t air on TV, but hopefully we’ll see some clips on YouTube! Let’s all be on the look out!

    Andy xx

  3. vivian says:

    Ok.. Thanks! Youtube is the only way for me to watch American TV.. I need it more and more. :lol:



    NAOMI Wilding does have Elizabeth’s expression in her eyes just like her Dad Michael. I hope they honor her again by going to the Academy Awards in 2012.Naomi was very emotional in the picture I saw when she received the award for Elizabeth. Our Angel Eyes would be so proud of her granddaughter.***Andy r any of the children in movies? I know Liza Todd’s son played “Amazing Grace”on the trumpet at the service for his Gran & he plays in New York with his jazz group.

  5. Administrator says:

    Hi Jerilyn! I know that some of the grand kids have done some short films, and that her grandson Quinn likes to work behind the scenes. He directed some of those shorts.

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