Elizabeth photographed by Zahedi during the filming of A Little Night Music.

Photographer Firooz Zahedi is hard at work on a book about his friend Elizabeth Taylor, Liz Smith revealed in her column yesterday. The book will boast approximately 200 photographs–many published for the first time–as well as essays.

“This may not be the ‘ultimate’ book that Elizabeth deserves,” Zahedi tells Smith, “but it’ll shed some light on another side of her, the side you want to get people to know about.”

Zahedi first met Elizabeth in the 1970s when she had a fling with his cousin, Ardeshir Zahedi, the Ambassador to Iran. It was through him that Elizabeth met Firooz, a recent art school graduate and aspiring photographer. While the romance with Ardeshir soon fizzled out, Elizabeth remained friends with Firooz for the rest of her life and he photographed her often. The photographs he took of her on a 1976 trip to Iran were exhibited at the Los Angeles County (LACMA) at the time of her death in 2011.

The as yet untitled book will be published by Glitterati Inc. next February, in honour of what would have been Elizabeth’s 84th birthday. Zahedi’s portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Zahedi has also been posting a sprinkling of rare photos of Elizabeth on his Instagram account. Below are some of the highlights.

A photo posted by @fizphoto on

That's the spirit!

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3/23/11. Gone but not forgotten.

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