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Without the help of the following generous friends, this web site would not be possible:

Topperlove: Almost every photo on this web site is from her extensive fifty year collection. This web site would not be the same without her contributions and my life without her friendship. Check out Topperlove’s wonderful discussion group on Elizabeth Taylor photographs here.

Kendra Bean: For redesigning the web site for me in July 2011, and bringing it into the 2010s! Check out her own wonderful web site dedicated to Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier here.

Allan Trivette: For clarifying any questions that I had, and for supplying photographs in record time. Check out his great web site dedicated to Elizabeth here.

Fred Milne: For proof read everything on this web site. Without his keen eye there is no telling just how many spelling and grammatical errors that would have made their way onto this site!

Chet Weston: For trucking all around Los Angeles (likely with his Borzoi, Sergei!) taking Elizabeth Taylor related photos!

My CASA family (you all know who you are!).

Winston: For literally giving me my Elizabethan experiences.

Vernon Patterson and Steven Housman: For all their invaluable advice on this web site and many other things, too.

The forum members, for making it the best place to discuss Elizabeth Taylor online!


Dame Elizabeth Taylor: for being the single greatest influence on my life. You have given me more strength and courage than you’ll ever know. This web site is dedicated to her memory and to her incredible legacy.